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Smallsite Design

Small site design tool

For the technically and typographically challenged

Smallsite Design is designed for those who want to create a site for an enduring body of knowledge, run a small club or media outlet site, or provide online help for their product, and need facilities that support that.

There are a lot of site design tools available these days, many being available for free with your site hosting package. While they often claim to be simple to use, they might be. Simple to make a mess, that is!

They are not designed to make useful, workable and maintainable sites in minimal time, that your visitors will be able to use easily. They are designed to make any site, which means that they are easy to make bad sites with!

Flexibility always brings with it the risk of choice-overload, which undermines the confidence needed to get a site up and running. With Smallsite Design you can know what you will get, and if that is what you want, you will get it.

This site uses Smallsite Design itself, so you can see exactly how useful it could be for your visitors.

Some other real sites built with Smallsite Design are:

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