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Smallsite Design

Bought Smallsite Design?

Thank you!

This page is for those who bought Smallsite Design through FastSpring and now need to install it.

If you bought Smallsite Design through a seller other than FastSpring – perhaps as part of a bundle with a hosting package – you will have to follow their instructions for installation, if they have not already done so. Any technical issues with the site installation must be taken up with them. There is a Help link at every page and section of the management pages to context-sensitive online help for Smallsite Design itself.

If Smallsite Design is already installed, see Documentation for how to configure your site and edit articles. Don't forget to change your password for Smallsite Design and any email accounts if someone else set them up for you.

All licence codes were provided on the order completion page, and in the email sent to you. Keep these secret as they are the sole means of installing Smallsite Design. Once a domain name is associated with the license, it can only be changed by whomever controls the domain. If you bought in bulk to give as gifts or to provide as a bundle with website hosting services, only provide each license to only one person, keeping all the others secret from them.

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