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This page is for those who bought Smallsite Design through FastSpring and now need to install it.

The license number was provided on the order completion page, in the email sent to you, and the invoice. It is the critical piece of information required for installing Smallsite Design. Once a domain name is registered to the license, it can only be changed by whomever controls the domain, except that it can be deregistered by anyone who knows the license number and the domain registered to it. Therefore, keep it secret. The license number and the domain are the only details retained, and no personal or other information is kept on the license server as part of the registration.

See the Overall setup procedure for what is required for setting up a Smallsite Design site, even if you were given a license number, as most steps still apply.

See the Documentation for how to configure your site and edit articles. Don't forget to immediately change your passwords for Smallsite Design, domain registration, hosting account and any email accounts if someone else set them up for you. There is a link on every page and section of the Smallsite Design management pages to context-sensitive online help.

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