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7. Privacy

While most sites want as much information from site visitors as possible, Smallsite Design focuses on the opposite.

While many of the larger sites might have people dedicated to exploiting their visitors as much as possible, others often just want some extra money so they let Google occupy some site space for ads and it is Google that does most of the exploiting. Presence of code or images sourced from another site enables that site to know all the information about every visitor that the host site itself knows. Even though the site owner may not have the capacity to exploit the information, Google certainly does and will probably be using it on the very next site a visitor goes to.

This exploitation process usually involves cookies or other means to track visitors. Smallsite Design uses no cookies nor allows them or any embedding of any sort, so no visitors can ever be tracked. It also cannot be hosted by another page so it cannot be exploited to track site usage or harvest keystrokes for login credentials. However, some browser plugins that a visitor has may track their history and pass it on to a third party, but that does not affect the site itself or any other users.

All files for the site can only be sourced from the same domain but must be uploaded using the product which allows copyright owner information and URL to be specified. Only links to other sites are allowed. For where there needs to be extra information provided in a link, but not in the URL, there is a button element that allows any identifiers to be included that a product platform like Amazon might require. It does not leak any visitor information to the other platform so it maintains their privacy. No referrer site information is ever leaked to a site targeted by a link or button.

During purchase, while the seller will gather various personal buyer information, none of that is stored with the license at the license server. The only extra information stored is the domain the license ends up being used with, but there is no history of ownership stored.

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