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Release notes: 2023-03-17-09-30-10

This is the release notes for a pre-sale version.

This version provides a production-ready product, albeit without any user interface languages but English.

Report issues with this version via feedback, by providing:

  1. aWhich page the issue occurred on.
  2. bThe action being taken at the time.
  3. cWhat error messages appeared.
  4. dWhat information was missing from the page.
  5. eWhat alternatives were tried, and if they worked.

New functionality△

List of new functionality added since the last version.

This is the initial pre-product-release version. It is function-complete, in that all functionality that it was designed to include has been. It is only because of the lack of user interface languages that it is not officially released yet. That is, it is neither an alpha nor beta release, but a production product ready for use.

Bugs fixed△

List of the bugs fixed since the last version.

The development process brought up thousands over the nine years it took to get here, but all have been resolved now!

Known issues△

The known issues with this version.

The issues are:

Only English user interface
The only user interface language is English. In the next six months, many will be added leading up to the official release. After that, others will become available from time to time.
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