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Smallsite Design

6.Reselling Smallsite Design

Bulk purchase discounts are available for those who want to provide dedicated hosting for Smallsite Design sites.

There is about 20-30 minutes of work to be done before Smallsite Design can be installed, including buying a domain name and setting up email addresses, providing an opportunity for some enterprising individuals or companies to provide bundled Smallsite Design hosting packages.

Of course, you may have bought a few licenses to give away to friends, in which case you can help them set up their site, or send them to the setup instructions.

If you are familiar with setting up websites with cPanel, you can easily provide dedicated Smallsite Design hosting services by purchasing a cPanel reseller package from a larger hosting provider. You can offer an initial setup fee to cover the cost of their preferred domain name and your setup time, or build it into your hosting subscription fees. The reseller version of cPanel allows each of your clients to have their own cPanel login and private area that other clients cannot see. You may even get reseller packages that allow you to have your own branding (white label).

However, Smallsite Design is designed to be easily transferred between hosters, using the site backup file from cPanel, so providing integrated hosting should not curtail that ability. Similarly, you may purchase domain names for your clients using your own account with a registrar, but they should be able to transfer them to their own account with only a pro-rata charge for the time already used. Basically, your clients should have the same flexibility as those who bought their license from FastSpring directly.

While the actual maintenance of the servers themselves is handled by the company from which you purchase your reseller hosting package, you will be the contact point for any technical difficulties your clients may experience. That means that while you may be able to pass through those queries to your hoster, your fees will need to cover the time that you spend dealing with them.

Smallsite Design is meant to allow a site owner to manage all of their own site's content and operation, and there is context-sensitive online help and procedures available by clicking on the nearest Help link on every page and section. This should mitigate against you needing to do any hand-holding for the product itself.

There will be a page on this site listing all the resellers that have been been providing good service to their clients. Who appears there will be dependent upon their ratings on third-party review sites. If you are serious about providing Smallsite Design hosting services, aim to suggest – not cajole – customers into providing a review on one. If you provide very good service, most people will happily do so, though there are many who just don't on principle.

It should only take a few months to get a couple of dozen 5-star reviews, depending upon how many clients you get. Research has shown that quality review sites are trusted as much as recommendations from friends.

A reputable review site will properly curate their site, by weeding out fake reviews by having robust procedures for people to report them, but also take down troll reviews, which poorly curated sites will leave there. Conversely, testimonials are treated suspiciously because they are not published independently and can be cherry-picked to only show good ones. Getting consistently excellent reviews requires consistent performance, which isn't hard if the focus is on providing good service.

There will also be a page for bad hosting services, being those trying to unnecessarily restrict their clients from being able to use Smallsite Design as if they had bought it directly from FastSpring.

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