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Sorry for the language!

The user interfaces had to rely on machine translation.

The web is 55% English, with any others well under 10%. The product is designed for producing multiple languages as an attempt at giving an opportunity to change that balance, but that is dependent upon the user interfaces being available in other than English. It came down to whether to offer the product only in English at first and drip feed languages as they were translated by people, and could be afforded, or go for machine translations with its risk of mistranslations.

The former risked just perpetuating an English domination, so the machines won, in return for providing 100+ languages. I did try to make the translations better by including the words or phrases used in the interface in sentences so that the correct words were more likely to be chosen, but there will undoubtedly be several that missed the mark. I apologise for those mistranslations in advance. Until translation by people can be afforded, which depends upon sufficient sales, I ask for help with corrections.

Language is dynamic, especially in the technical world, so there may better words that can be used as time goes by. While rough machine translations may be a reason for feedback in the early days after release, down the track, there will still be a need to keep up with language trends, such as progressive de-gendering of pronouns, definite articles and other language constructs. Please provide feedback on terms that could be updated to these newer forms.

Providing feedbackβ–³

Feedback uses the help and contact page links.

On every public page, there is a Help link at the end of the article footer, before the Links section, and at the top of every management page there is a β„Ή link. These go to an article describing the page. At the bottom of those help pages is a Contact link. On the resulting Contact page, there is a Feedback for page option that has the path and locale of the help page.

To provide corrections to the user interface text for a page:

  1. 1.Click the help link on the page.
  2. 2.Click the Contact link at the bottom of the help page.
  3. 3.Select the Feedback for page option for the Subject.
  4. 4.In Message, describe in English what is wrong with the current wording and indicate what it should be.

No need to include the help page's path in the Message body as it will be in the subject of the sent email. However, it probably will be necessary to include the locale of the page where the mistranslation occurred as the help page for that page may not be available for that locale.

Once there is some consensus in the feedback for the words, they will be incorporated into the next version. Since I will have no idea what the meaning of the text is for most languages, I will be running any translation suggestions through a reverse translation and some dictionaries as a rough reality check.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide to improve the translations πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™.

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