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Smallsite Design

5:When can I get it?

There is still a lot to do to make Smallsite Design a working product, including multiple language text for user interface elements, like buttons and and standard texts, and online help, let alone that a few of the basic facilities are still works-in-progress.

We know it is a bit of a teaser to be placing this site here, but Smallsite Design is being used in real sites now, icluding this one, so leaving the links at the bottom of the pages of those sites with nowhere to go was not an option.

Once available for sale, at about US$20 for a perpetual license, we will make efforts to make sure to get the message out there. We will submit Smallsite Design for reviews so that you will get some independent opinion, plus commenters (that actually bought it) usually indicate quite quickly whether a product doesn't measure up.

A Smallsite Design license number will be tied to the domain name for which the license is purchased. No other personal details are required, beyond whatever invoicing data the initial sale requires to satisfy legal financial and invoicing requirements, like purchaser's name and address for international sales, mainly because of money-laundering provisions.

Smallsite Design will check for updates, but only you will choose whether to install an update. It is meant to be a finished solution, not a work-in-progress, so updates are intended to be minimal.

Smallsite Design is not for everyone, but for those for whom it is designed, it will do its job well. Hope you become one of its users.

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