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Reselling Smallsite Design
Bulk purchase discounts are available for those who want to provide dedicated hosting for Smallsite Design sites.
When can I get it?
Smallsite Design is expected to be available early 2022, as it is now feature-complete. However, it is being used for real sites now, such as this one.
Design principles
While general purpose site design tools have a lot of flexibility, it is a double-edged sword, in that while it can enable you to make great sites, unless you already have a lot of excellent layout skills, and are exceptional with photography, you will probably spend a lot of time making some pretty ugly versions of your site.
Smallsite Design is restricted to using technology that has proven itself stable for years, and is unlikly to radically change for many more.
Who will want Smallsite Design?
Smallsite Design is for those solo operators, and small publicity units, who don't have the time, nor the expertise, to do more than just add content and sell their services. But, it can also scale to handle multi-lingual online help.
Sample questionnaire
This is a sample multiple-choice questionnaire, showing the score and marking of the selections made, and configurable comments on your total score.
Sample procedure
This is a sample procedure, showing the three display modes that the details of steps can be shown by.
Benefits of using Smallsite Design
Smallsite Design was conceived to help those for whom maintaining a web site seems too technical, or those for whom even thinking about how to layout a site is too daunting.

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