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User interface
There are several decisions to be made when designing the user interface (UI).
Picking the philosophy
The philosophy behind a product is critical, as it contains the criteria by which all decisions about the product are made.
Adding search
After discovering that search engines ignored most less popular sites' pages, an included site search facility was required.
Using AI effectively
Modern AI is designed for finding relevant information and presenting it. They don't actually know shit!
Using technical references
Of course, any new product will involve a lot of novel arrangements of new ideas with information from technical references.
While a product has some core functionality, there are many facilities that it can also provide.
Minifying is the reducing of unnecessary information to minimise transmission and browser-processing times.
One of the earliest decisions to make is what technologies to use, as that is dependent upon not only availability and skillset, but also what must be used.
Most editors are basically text editors with some facility to format. However, treating a page as just a mass of text makes editing unstable.
PHP functions in XSLT
The versions of XSLT and XPath provided with PHP are only version 1.0, but includes the facility to directly call PHP functions from XPath statements.
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