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Promoting your site is about projecting who you are to your target audience. Here are some things to consider about that.

Branding is critical to being readily identified, as it is what people will remember about you, but not necessarily in the way that you think.
Conversion is key
Everybody wants visitors to their site, but is that all that you really want?
Google search is lying to you!
Google is considered the leader in search and supposedly gives more results than all the others, but they are ignoring a large part of the web.
SEO - useful or obsession?
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a big thing these days, but how important is it, and what are its limitations?
Testimonials vs reviews
Testimonials and reviews are meant to give an appraisal of services offered by a business or proprietor.
  • Google search is lying to you!
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  • Testimonials vs reviews
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