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Smallsite Design

Demonstration - AU

Demonstration site

This site provides examples of some of the facilities of the Smallsite Design product. It is fully built using the product.

While the user interface for Smallsite Design will be multi-lingual, the help pages will initially be only available in English, with other languages being progressively catered for.

Multilingual sites ^

Smallsite Design supports multilingual sites, using a master site for the default language, and sub-sites for additional languages. Languages are specified using locales, which also include the script and country for the language. This enables proper localisation of text, numbers and dates.

The design of the multilingual system provides a fallthrough path, with the site root at the end of the queue.

As a demonstration of how the Smallsite Design multilingual system works, this demo site is set up as:

  1. a.UK English (en-gb) subsite - explicit fallthrough to the US English (en-us) subsite.
  2. b.US English (en-us) subsite - default fallthrough to the site root.
  3. c.Australian English (en-au) site root.

To see how the fallthrough works, click on the [☰] or [xx] links in:

1All locales [☰] opens [☰] opens [☰] opens
2Not for UK [xx] falls to > [☰] opens [☰] opens
3Only Australian [xx] falls to > [xx] falls to > [☰] opens
4Doesn't exist [xx] falls to > [xx] falls to > [xx] unknown

With a multilingual site, to allow changing languages, there is a Locales available subsection of the Links section at the bottom of the page, with links to each locale's version of the article.

This fallthrough process means that you can start with the article in the site root's locale, and then add other locale versions as you get to them, or have them made, one article at a time.

All the versions are treated as part of the site root, but once a version of an article is found, the sub-site is the default, so that any further navigation around topics will be for the same locale.

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