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4.Approach to the topic

How you approach the topic is dependent upon how your audience sees it in relation to their own lives.

How your audience sees the topic is largely defined by whether they are positive, neutral or adverse to it. Each of these requires a different approach and layout of the narrative.

The basic approaches and their narrative flows are:

1Affect upon the current directionPositiveNeutralNegative
2Reader view of topicPositive if aligned/desired, negative if notWanting to knowNegative if challenged by the topic, positive if frustrated with the current situation
3Early narrativeEnumerate and discuss the benefitsEnumerate and discuss the positivesEnumerate and discuss the current issues and problems
4Later narrativeAddress the negativesEnumerate and discuss the negativesGive the positive arguments for change
5SummaryReiterate the main pointsReiterate main points and make a recommendationReiterate the main points

Each of these approaches is intended to have an effect upon the current direction of the reader's life or business. Note that disruptive approaches are meant to negatively affect the current direction, but to the end of having an overall positive outcome, given that continuing upon the current direction may not lead to the best outcome.

How formally the narrative needs to unfold is dependent upon what the reader is expecting the general tone of the article to be. If it is required to make a decision, the tone and structure needs to be formal, but if mainly informational, informality and a more free-flowing structure may be appropriate.

Always keep the focus on the reader's needs. For example, in a promotional article for a product, many tend to emphasise its features, but that is far less important to a customer than the benefits to them.

Strive to keep some balance in the narrative, as it will build trust. Being too effusive or too hostile can be offputting, as it is likely to indicate a lack of reality about the topic. Enthusiasm is good, but not if it is blind.

Keep the summary short and to the point. Do not present new information, as it will tend to confuse the points you have been trying to make.

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