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2.Identify your target audience

Identifying who your target audience is goes a long way to framing the language and content of your article.

Your target audience will have particular:

  1. a.Ways of thinking.
  2. b.Level of language comprehension.
  3. c.Experiences guiding their judgement.
  4. d.Knowledge they already have.
  5. e.Knowledge they want.
  6. f.Expectations of their interaction with your article.

Knowing your audience enables you to:

  1. a.Filter out irrelevant and unnecessary information.
  2. b.Focus on what is important to them.
  3. c.Know how to unfold the presentation of information to them.

With that knowledge, the required structure of the article should be clearer.

If you are providing procedures, your target audience may be one or more of:

  1. a.New to the subject matter/process.
  2. b.Occasionally involved.
  3. c.Experienced/frequently involved.

These may each require different levels of information/detail, which may be served by providing different articles, or adding links to further details for those who require it.

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