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Having finished your article, you will probably want to leave it all alone, and get on with other articles. However, you and the world evolves, so what you wrote may not represent what you intended, nor even still be relevant, any more.

Since you wrote an article, some things that might have changed are:

  1. a.A significant event has occured that directly relates to the article, and something about that event now needs to be included to ensure your article has currency and relevancy.
  2. b.Something you included is now no longer relevant, or needs reducing in emphasis.
  3. c.Public attitudes have changed enough that some or all of your article needs revising so that it does not appear to be out-of-step or irrelevant.
  4. d.The understanding or attitudes to certain words or phrases have changed enough that some parts may need to be rephrased so that they will still match your original intent.
  5. e.You have changed your attitudes or thinking, and so you might want to withdraw your article, or add explanations as to why you have changed.
  6. f.You have written other articles that could be linked to.
  7. g.Links you included are now dead because the target sites or articles have disappeared.

Some things that might need attention in a revisit are whether the:

  1. a.Content is still relevant and current.
  2. b.Wording and grammar is still appropriate.
  3. c.Article structure still makes sense.
  4. d.Headings and navigation are still appropriate.
  5. e.Introductions are still indicative of the content.
  6. f.Links are still active.

Maintaining a body of work that comprises your site is an onging part of its maintenance. You may want to schedule that in weekly or monthly, but some articles may need attention if an event occurs that is too big to leave until then.

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