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7.Structured content

There is a tendency for people to think they need to cover everything in what they write. The main problem with that is that there will always be much more than you could possibly include, so avoid the stress, and pick a couple of subtopics that illustrate what the main topic is about.

Once having done that, show each of those subtopics in depth. By doing that, your readers will really understand what is involved, rather than superficially touching upon a multitude of facets, perhaps inspiring them to expand upon what they have learned by reading and researching more. Provide links to related articles for them, but in a way that doesn't distract them from completing your article.

Some useful guidelines are:

  1. a.Lead with what about your site/article/services/product will benefit the reader. This will engage them more than extolling features.
  2. b.Conclude with what they need to do to reap those benefits.
  3. c.Ensure that the story you are telling has a logical flow. Only refer to what they are expected to know, or what you have written about earlier in the article. Use each section and paragraph to add what you need to open their thinking so they are ready for what is to come next.
  4. d.Only use analogies to briefly help align your reader's thinking to yours, then let the analogy go.

One of the advantages of in-depth writing is that it will automatically provide better Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), as it will include a rich mixture of related words and phrases, which are evidence of some level of authority, whereas seeking superficial coverage may just seem more like keyword stuffing, leading to downrating of the article and the site.

For each block/section, use this process again, but scoped to just it. This will ensure that they are introduced properly, and bring the reader to your desired thinking/understanding by the end of the block.

Don't be surprised if in building up the information, you may see that the article can be re-purposed to be more effective, or satisfy a larger audience. Every journey brings new opportunities, so be open to possible benefits.

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