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15.Take a break before editing

Writing can be a very intense process, with a lot of trains of thought. However, while what is written may have made sense at the time, after a break away from it, the thought process may not be as obvious in the words anymore.

In wine-tasting, so that the judges don't confuse the flavours between samples, they have a small piece of cheese. Well, taking a break of a couple of days before looking at the article again is like eating the cheese.

Typically, sentences will now be too long, so needing to be broken into simpler ones, and more commas will be needed to make sure that phrases are easily delineated when reading. Try reading the sentences out load, to see if they flow properly. Full stops allow a reader to briefly take in what they have just read. Commas allow the reader to pause at phrase boundaries before continuing.

You might find that the structure needs to be altered, especially if there is more that could be added. Sometimes, some may need to be transferred to a new article. Other text may be less relevant than thought, and so just needs deleting.

If possible, get someone else to review the article for accuracy and coherency of the content and structure. Only after editing for that, check for spelling and grammar.

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