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10.Words tell the story

While a picture may be useful for gaining your site's visitors' immediate attention, words will directly engage and modify their beliefs.

Each word, consciously or subconsciously, holds a whole vista of meaning for each person, based upon their accumulated intepretation of their past experience. Each additional word qualifies what they have already read, so judicious selection and sequencing of words will dramatically affect how they react to what you write.

Each time they react, they will modify what they believe, even if only a little, or just for the time they are reading. However, if the reactions reinforce each other, they can have a big effect.

You can see this when observing great orators enthrall crowds, inspiring hope, or whipping them into a frenzy.

You are telling a story, so just like reading a novel where the author is attempting to use words to build out the author's world in the reader's head, you are writing to build up a belief-world about you or your topic in your readers' heads.

Pictures may wow readers, but words will change them.

People are very creative in what they will interpret from your words. Unless you are trying to play around with their thinking, make it easy for them to read what you write, and in the way that you want them to understand it.

However, while words provide the content, judicious use of grammar and punctuation will aid in the delivery.

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