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Smallsite Design

Small site design tool

For the technically and typographically challenged

Smallsite Design is designed for those who want to create a site for an enduring body of knowledge, run a small club or media outlet site, or provide online help for their product, and need facilities that support that.

There are a lot of site design tools available these days, many being available for free with your site hosting package. While they often claim to be simple to use, they tend to be based upon a drag-and-drop paradigm heavily relying upon pictures, which means they actually require significant visual design skills.

Many don't have such visual skills and so will likely spend a lot of time experimenting with many poor designs before settling on something sort-of suitable. If you have a simple site with only one page, that may work for you.

However, building a bigger site requires having a site structure and maintaining links between the pages. If you are not familiar with building and running a site, there is the likelihood that the site will not work well for visitors, as ease of use requires understanding all the page elements.

At the other end of the scale, you can use a HTML editor to have the flexibility to make pages however you want, but then you need to know a lot more about web page elements and how they work together to make a site.

Smallsite Design is targeted at writers, and visitors that want to read and view quality content, rather than be entertained by visuals. To that end, it automatically takes care of navigation and the consistent visual layout of blocks like lists, tables and figures. It also provides standardised article types like glossaries, policies, contact, procedures and questionnares, making it easier to build a fully-working site.

This site uses Smallsite Design itself, so you can see exactly how useful it could be for your visitors.

Some other real sites built with Smallsite Design are:

  1. a. Patanjali Sokaris - the eclectic philosophy of the designer of Smallsite Design.
  2. b. Devaki Sokaris - a music promotion site.
  3. c. - helping people to focus on having a worthwhile life.

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